Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crop Tops--Urban Strata Series

It always tickles me to see how things cycle around over time. One hot fashion trend for 2012 is the return of crop tops or half shirts, which were all the rage when I was a teen in the 80's. For various easy to explain reasons, I was reluctant to accept this returning trend, but then I decided to embrace the crop tops, and even make them my own. And so my new line of funky eco crop tops was born as part of what I have dubbed my Urban Strata Series, because for me, layers are and have always been a core concept of my fashion scheme. 
A loose off-the-shoulder style crop shirt gets funked up with the addition of a vintage tie. Totally trendy, yet totally unique! And made from all salvaged, thrifted, and upcycled items.
This was my prototype!
I had my daughter take a picture of me modeling one, because they look so cute on!

I like to wear these over a simple sundress or some other more fitted dress, or layered over a longer tank top shirt with jeans or a skirt. Super cute!

My Urban Strata Series is a dynamic line of funky, one of a kind shirts, skirts and tops that can be worn alone or in combination for a layered effect that reflects your own unique sense of style and individuality. You can find more at my Furious Design Shop on Etsy.

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