Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"If you aren't Furious, you aren't paying attention"

Furious Designs is my latest moniker under which I craft, create, and market my various inspirations--eco salvaged and upcycled clothing and accessories, eco herbal body care products, an occasional piece of upcycled jewelry and more. You can check out my Furious Designs Shop on Etsy for my latest eco fashions:

But the idea of Furious Designs extends beyond the physical into the realms of thought and intention too. So I will often be blogging about ideas and concepts of greenness and stewardship, health and sense of place, biology, botany, ethnobotany, food, evolution and more. Okay, so I am a total geek, or nerd, is the distinction drawn between those two? Anyway, you may have been able to tell by this point that I am formally educated in the Sciences and have a penchant for plants. Oh yeah, and I tend to be a witty and sarcastic gal with not much in the way of political correctness, so be forewarned. Part of this behavior is very likely just my "personality" but part is definitely a conscientious response to the fact that for many years I had excessively overused what I have dubbed my "auto-censura" spell to the point I sometimes felt I was censoring myself to inanity...or insanity, not sure which one. Well, those days are over. And a new era is here!

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