Sunday, January 27, 2013

Outfit of the Week 1/27/2013

                      Crochet cat ear hat

                        Lapuzelo Wild-->

Upcycled vintage ring earrings


Crocodile Stitch Rainbow Arm Warmers
                             Mare Shop-->

Purple spikes necklace

<--My Selvaged Life

                   Black jersey knit top

Upcycled vintage kitsch mini skirt
                                     Purple gradient tights
                                             Rabbit Cave -->
Handmade oxford brogue leather uppers


      Chunky red vintage purse-->


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sustainable Wednesday

I decided to add a new weekly post to my blog--Sustainable Wednesday. Every week, Sustainable Wednesday will highlight various aspects of sustainability, especially focusing on people and their efforts to reduce human impacts and preserve a healthy environment and culture for planet Earth.

We've all heard the cliche--if it ain't broke, don't fix it. However, if it is broke and it can't be fixed, you may find that it can be repurposed and turned into something entirely new. Repurposing is quite the trend these days, but smart, resourceful people everywhere have always lived this way. In today's post, I'll be introducing you to three artisans who make new and beautiful things by recycling used, unwanted and discarded materials. 

Meet Northern Floridians, Jen and Dale. This couple works together to make lights from unusual repurposed objects such as baskets, collanders, and vintage bowls which the sell in their Etsy shop, UpReNew. I love their eye for simplicity and design.

Now, meet Schuan Carpenter, of Seattle, Washington. I fell in love with Schuan's craftsmanship the first time I stumbled upon one of his recycled glass greenhouses on his Etsy shop, Little Mansions Design. They are oh-so-sweet! Each one is made largely from salvaged/reclaimed wood and windows.

 And what about Clone Hardware? Run by Alisa, of Ontario, Canada, this creative little Etsy shop features funky cyber jewelry made from upcycled computer parts and electronic waste. Who knew the insides of your computer were so aesthetically pleasing?


That's it for today. Stay tuned for the next Sustainable Wednesday blog post and until then enjoy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Give a Gal a Handpunch

Using the remnants of an Amazon gift card, I recently purchased a star hand punch and a "flourish" paper punch with the idea of finally making some attractive, upcycled tags for my clothing.

Needless to say, I've been having so much fun! Punching out paper is quite therapeutic and satisfying. I immediately gathered up some paper and cards that have been sitting around waiting for exactly such a moment, and started punching away.

By far my favorite tags came from a recycled cardboard box from some delicious Alaskan smoked salmon we enjoyed over the winter holidays. I was able to get 12+ tags from the box top, each one with a piece of the indigenous styled artwork decorating the package.

I added a personalized stamp to the backs and finished each tag with some satin ribbon. The tags will hang on my clothes from tiny safety pins that can then be reused for something else. 

And when I'm done, it all fits neatly into a 5" by 8" repurposed, wooden box. Until next time. <3


Monday, January 21, 2013

Outfit of the Week 1/20/2013-1/26/2013

I am finally getting back into my Outfit of the Week blog entries after too long of a break. I hope you enjoy this! I've been seeing so many wonderful things on Etsy lately, it was difficult to decide what to feature. I had to remind myself that there is always next week.
Be sure you visit the links to each of these wonderful items below. And if you have time, check out some of the Outfit of the Week posts from 2012--just for fun.

Upcycled Wire Bracelet by Margaret Hansen of Ecolibrio

Bobby Pin Earrings by Rebekah Valerio of Amplified People
Bow Knot Necklace by Natasa Jukic of NasuKka
Salvaged Eco Dress by Katie Neall of Furious Designs
Socks by Yoyo of Yoyo Vintage Life 
Handcrafted Leather Boots by Anat Dahari of Walk by Anat Dahari

Dresses 2013--Furious Style

A Photographic Montage of Furious Designs' 2013 Dress Line

I've always been a fan of comfort. I firmly believe that the truly fashionable clothes are the ones that are functional, wearable yet stylish garments that you want to be in often, that become staples in your wardrobe--go-to pieces that you never question, and you always feel great in. My 2013 line of dresses reflects this love of comfort and functionality. 

Partially inspired by the short a-line dresses of the 60's and 70' and partially inspired by the draping tunics of sci-fi desert wanderers, these little shift dresses (available in a variety of fabrics and several lengths) are the ultimate in comfort and look oh-so-sweet on a variety of shapes and sizes. They dress up easily with the simple addition of a belt or necklace, and look great with your favorite pair of sandals or boots. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Salvaging Adventure--Wool Cordage

On one of my scavenging adventures I scored a large bag of handmade vintage wool cordage, sewn from rolled strips of wool fabric. It appears that the previous owner had been working on braiding these cords together, and then perhaps intended to make one of those rustic braided and coiled throw rugs.  

I love all the different pinstripes, plaids and herringbone patterns of the wool fabrics. A few crafty things that immediately came to mind were belts, headbands, and chunky cowl necklaces, which seem quite the accessory these days. 

A length of wool cordage becomes the simplest chunky headband.

A few lengths of cordage and a tiny scrap of vintage lace combined so sweetly to make a funky, cozy tie belt.

I braided three strands of contrasting cord together and tied scrap leather at the ends to make this chunky tie belt. I think it looks adorable paired with one of my mini tunic dresses.

Then I decided to make a crochet chain using some of the cordage and came up with this design for a chunky cowl necklace. The ends of the cord are wrapped with ribbons for a smooth finish (and so the wool is not itchy on the neck). I think it came out nicely and adds just the right amount of indie pizazz to any variety of outfits.