Thursday, April 4, 2013

NaPoWrimo 4/4/2013

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt is to use the name of a spaceship from Scottish sci-fi author, Iain M. Banks as the title to start your poem. Many of the spaceship names suggested (apparently they are quite common in this author's writings) are quite creative and silly. We'll see how this goes.

Irregular Apocalypse

It had been so long
It was difficult to remember,
Even for a person such as Apocalypse.
And its true his diet could be better
He's been so obsessed waiting for Revelation,
Dabbling around with plagues and famine,
Engineering natural disasters
Up for weeks on end, eating nothing but death and conquest,
It simply isn't good for the bowels.
The awkward fact: Apocalypse is constipated,
And he's annoyed, because, to be honest
When he was crafting his devious plans
He had no idea that finicky bitch, Global Warming
Would make such a popular name for herself
Which wouldn't be such a problem except for the fact
That people keep confusing their works.
(It truly is difficult to tell the difference)
It gets tiring trying to distinguish oneself from a similar other,
And although Apocalypse will sometimes try to convince himself that
Although he and Global Warming may have some overlapping traits,
In a Vin diagram-ish sort of way,
He has enough of his own unique trademarks and talents
People should be able to distinguish the two,
But truth be told, most don't pick up on those differences.
He used to try to correct people, if they wrongly tried to credit him
With something that was actually Global Warming's handiwork, or vice-versa
However, that eventually became too tiring and
Apocalypse chose to keep his mouth shut,
The confusion created by people's inability to discern the difference
Between the works of Apocalypse and the works of Global Warming
Became an awkward fact for which he developed a fine disregard,
But sadly his heart is no longer in it.
So, I guess if we let ourselves be generous for a moment,
It might become easier to see why Apocalypse is such an ass.

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