Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NaPoWriMo 4/9/2013

I am giving a wholehearted attempt at picking up after missing days five, six, seven and eight for no real good reasons...I was tired, uninspired, distracted, didn't plan well, my intentions to jot something down quick like...maybe a simple haiku, never gained enough momentum for me to actually pick up a pen or paper, and so on.

The Secret Life of My Shadow

I see you, following me as I pace about, pausing when I pause, activating into movement with my slightest shifts and adjustments, and I think how boring I am and how boring it must be to be my shadow, always there weirdly mirroring out my existence, revolving around me at the will of the sun. And sometimes you are not with me, and even though I know it is just because its dark out, I secretly find myself hoping to god you are out there traveling the world, eating strange exotic foods and having sex with kind strangers, living the exciting carefree life that I do not.

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