Monday, January 21, 2013

Dresses 2013--Furious Style

A Photographic Montage of Furious Designs' 2013 Dress Line

I've always been a fan of comfort. I firmly believe that the truly fashionable clothes are the ones that are functional, wearable yet stylish garments that you want to be in often, that become staples in your wardrobe--go-to pieces that you never question, and you always feel great in. My 2013 line of dresses reflects this love of comfort and functionality. 

Partially inspired by the short a-line dresses of the 60's and 70' and partially inspired by the draping tunics of sci-fi desert wanderers, these little shift dresses (available in a variety of fabrics and several lengths) are the ultimate in comfort and look oh-so-sweet on a variety of shapes and sizes. They dress up easily with the simple addition of a belt or necklace, and look great with your favorite pair of sandals or boots. 

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