Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Give a Gal a Handpunch

Using the remnants of an Amazon gift card, I recently purchased a star hand punch and a "flourish" paper punch with the idea of finally making some attractive, upcycled tags for my clothing.

Needless to say, I've been having so much fun! Punching out paper is quite therapeutic and satisfying. I immediately gathered up some paper and cards that have been sitting around waiting for exactly such a moment, and started punching away.

By far my favorite tags came from a recycled cardboard box from some delicious Alaskan smoked salmon we enjoyed over the winter holidays. I was able to get 12+ tags from the box top, each one with a piece of the indigenous styled artwork decorating the package.

I added a personalized stamp to the backs and finished each tag with some satin ribbon. The tags will hang on my clothes from tiny safety pins that can then be reused for something else. 

And when I'm done, it all fits neatly into a 5" by 8" repurposed, wooden box. Until next time. <3


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