Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Salvaging Adventure--Wool Cordage

On one of my scavenging adventures I scored a large bag of handmade vintage wool cordage, sewn from rolled strips of wool fabric. It appears that the previous owner had been working on braiding these cords together, and then perhaps intended to make one of those rustic braided and coiled throw rugs.  

I love all the different pinstripes, plaids and herringbone patterns of the wool fabrics. A few crafty things that immediately came to mind were belts, headbands, and chunky cowl necklaces, which seem quite the accessory these days. 

A length of wool cordage becomes the simplest chunky headband.

A few lengths of cordage and a tiny scrap of vintage lace combined so sweetly to make a funky, cozy tie belt.

I braided three strands of contrasting cord together and tied scrap leather at the ends to make this chunky tie belt. I think it looks adorable paired with one of my mini tunic dresses.

Then I decided to make a crochet chain using some of the cordage and came up with this design for a chunky cowl necklace. The ends of the cord are wrapped with ribbons for a smooth finish (and so the wool is not itchy on the neck). I think it came out nicely and adds just the right amount of indie pizazz to any variety of outfits.


  1. Very nice! I dig the necklaces. The belts make me wish I was more of a belt person.

  2. Thank you, dearheart! It is funny you say that about the belts, because I am just recently getting into belts myself. I think its mostly because the dresses I've been making recently look so nice with belts. <3