Thursday, April 26, 2012

Outfit of the Week 4/22-4/28

I have a great appreciation for contrasts of all kinds. I wholeheartedly believe that it is the dichotomies in life that make it meaningful and memorable. I also love Holly Hobby. So this Outfit of the Week is a celebration of contrasts with a Holly Hobby-esque slant. 

I think the combination of horizontal stripes with vertical color blocks and large floral prints is super funky and cute, like this Furious Designs Baby Doll Mini Dress.

Throw these sweet, shorty, calico cotton bloomers  by Grateful Beads underneath to cover your "bases".

The pastels of the dress and bloomers contrast nicely against the black of these super silky, bamboo stockings by Heidi the Artist.

And can you get any cuter than these mint green oxfords, hand crafted by Goodbye Folk?

To finish this outfit off, I'm fond of these accessories

These earrings made from slices of upcycled bottle corks by Simply March are unique, simple and adorable.

And I think that a simple long chain necklace, such a this vintage Gypsy spoon necklace from Glow's Shop, is the perfect accompaniment.

Karen Kell's leather works are amazing. I think that her hand tooled bag for sale at her shop, is the one of the sweetest (and I think Holly Hobby would have loved it and used it well).

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