Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Outfit of the Week 4/8-4/14

Bohemian, hippie, boho, and Gypsy are four words describing a fashion style that has been popular in some form or another since long before I was born. While some may argue that each word indicates some subtle differences, I disagree, and use them more as synonyms for each other. All four words evoke an image of eclectic, bright, patchworks of rich colors and textures with all the added bells and dangles--chandelier earrings, layers of bangles, beads, Balinese silver, silks and more. Today's outfit of the week pays homage to this classically festive style.

This upcycled dress from Rebirth Recycling is a lovely example of bohemian fashion with its mix of paisley, calico and solid block colors! Adorable.  

Throw these sweet little linen bloomers by Sarah Clemens Clothing on underneath, and you're practically ready to go. 

Throw on some vintage Mary Janes like these ones available from ModMarge and its all good! 

Dress up this bohemian montage with a lovely choker like this one by Melissa of SSDJewelry

And perhaps a sweet, chunky bracelet and matching earrings. I love this copper cuff and matching earrings  by My Creative Nature.  
 A perfect mishmash of color, patterns and textures! So sweet! 

All the items I blog about in the "Outfit of the Week" are available on Etsy.  

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